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Human Centered Design Services

When government agencies need people for hard-to-fill a job categories or re-skill and train their federal recruitment practices, CTEC helps federal agencies with a range of highly scalable, fully customized federal talent acquisition and training solutions compliant with DEU and federal hiring procedures and protocols.

Capability Overview
  • In recent years, the Company has shifted its focus from Human Capital Management to Human Centered Design Services (HCDS) that provide mission critical, eLearning software curriculum and training for government agencies including the DOH, DOI, DOL, DOD, and National Guard
  • CTEC’s increased emphasis on software-based training solutions has contributed to the Company’s continued margin improvement, as every one of its HCDS contracts won to date has been FFP
  • HCDS contracts represent a large revenue and margin growth opportunity for CTEC. The Company continues to grow HCDS revenue by expanding its scope of work and providing next-generation, simulation-based training solutions to existing customers
  • CTEC’s approach maximizes the retention and output of its customer’s workforce. This is done under an umbrella of different services such as training solutions as well as human resource and recruitment process services. CTEC covers all aspects of the employee lifecycle, offering its customer a fully integrated one-stop-shop for human capital management
  • Implementation of CTEC’s Enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO) strategically allows the customer to prioritize different areas of employee lifecycle management through modernized service offerings. CTEC drives synergies across its customer base through its experience implementing service offerings including modernized recruitment and training services to meet evolving government requirements
  • The CTEC team leverages Lean Six Sigma’s Define, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track program implementation and establish future performance thresholds to that enhance the effectiveness of its efforts


DAU – LADSS – HCD Products Development
  • The Defense Acquisition University is a subset of the DoD providing tailored technology, logistics, and acquisitions training to the defense acquisition workforce
  • Develop HCD based education products as well as web and classroom-based curriculum for the DAU’s college of contract management
  • CTEC’s decade-long relationship the DAU
  • CTEC leverages its HCD expertise and capabilities to help the Defense Acquisition University and its 10 satellite locations support approximately 163,000 military and civilian personnel serving worldwide
  • CTEC designs, develops, implements, and sustains learning solutions for the DAU’s 100+ classroom certifications which consists of 1,200 annual course offerings and an additional 200 self-paced online trainings. Other HCD products include personas, experience maps, user journeys, UX wireframes, interactive prototypes, and Visual Design
  • CTEC’s product support breakdown at DAU consists of 24% classroom learning, 70% in online learning, and 6% in games/simulation and job support tools. Learning assets consist 60% of videos with varying interactivity level, showcasing CTEC’s breadth of knowledge across HCD products
  • Across all DAU learning functionalities CTEC maintains security requirements to help ensure the DAU’s military and civilian personnel do not risk data breaches. When working on DAU’s systems and networks, CTEC personal must maintain Public Trust security standards


Digital Services & IT Modernization

Capability Overview
  • CTEC’s digital enterprise modernization services deliver customer experience solutions that leverage industry standards, Agile at Scale practices, XaaS components, and security content management that adhere to client’s security and communication process
  • CTEC builds and operates custom business process solutions through its AgileDNA+® framework - a proprietary delivery model that incorporates MACH architecture to optimize existing applications and infrastructure to streamline development and testing across platforms 
  • The Company’s implementation process employs Agile, cybersecurity, and CI/CD best practices to accelerate customer adoption and create modern, flexible applications
  • CTEC’s proprietary methods enable the Company to standardize IT modernization, accelerating customer adoption and creating cost synergies while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Standardized development and delivery allows CTEC to share innovations between contracts and rapidly implement new services from its iCyClOpsTM innovation lab
  • The Company’s iCyClOpsTM innovation lab offers a “lab-as-a-service” designed to create solutions to drive efficiencies and accelerate modernization efforts.  CTEC’s SMEs create new capabilities by leveraging strategic partners, as well as AI/ML, RPAs, and microservices to address emerging customer pain points
  • CTEC posses the necessary capabilities and employees to mitigate risks within a multitude of different computing services with the singular goal of ensuring that all key areas of administration, development, and modification are touched on to guide the customer toward a secure, risk adverse environment


CBP Beagle – Salesforce GovCloud Modernization
  • In November 2019, CTEC teamed with the incumbent (CACI) to fulfill a Salesforce Govcloud modernization task order for the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Enforcement Management Systems Directorate (BEMS) to modernizing leading-edge IT applications in support of national security missions that will extend the CBP’s zone of protection beyond the physical borders of the United States
  • At the time, the CBP operated an aging legacy IT system with significant technical debt, which lacked adequate resiliency and disaster recovery abilities - the system was unable to provide innovative technology solutions without a modernization cloud based DevSecOps initiative
  • CTEC won work on the contract by leveraging its past performance maintaining legacy systems to Salesforce GovCloud - a contract requirement considering the critical nature of the CBP’s work to prevent domestic terrorism - and expanded into the full scope of contract work including:
    • Mission Support
    • DevSecOps
    • Cloud Migration 
    • Salesforce Modernization
    • Innovation
    • Reduction of O&M Spend
  • CTEC, as a major sub to CACI, provides Salesforce GovCloud full lifecycle development services for new functionality, capabilities, and systems
  • Once on the contract, CTEC was able to expand the size, scope, and complexity of its role; leveraging its experienced DevSec Ops engineers and AgileDNA+® framework to deliver advanced system architecture, data analytics, digital analytics, SEO optimization, HCD support, business intelligence, and cutting-edge DevSecOps applications development
  • CTEC’s experienced and tested AgileDNA+® framework allowed the Company to maximize automation, innovation, and cost efficiencies, creating cost synergies shared with its customer
  • With a $1B ceiling and significant technical debt of existing system, CBP Beagle represents a large area for growth
OPM RSsDM MS-Dynamics Modernization in MS-Azure Cloud
  • CTEC provides mission critical MS-Dynamics modernization work for the OPM’s retirement services, covering both operations and maintenance (O&M) as well as digital modernization in MS-Azure cloud environment
  • The Company’s work started at the agency 5 years ago with legacy systems maintenance and has since expanded O&M work to 80+ legacy systems
  • CTEC leveraged its advanced digital modernization capabilities developed in its iCyClOpsTM  Innovation Lab to expand the size, scope, and complexity of its contract, creating opportunities for FTE growth and revenue expansion.  The Company now provides cutting-edge MS-Dynamics, MS-Azure, AI/ML including Robotic Process Automations (RPAs) to modernize the OPM’s online annuity payment system, a process representing over $81 Billion in annual transactions 
  • Before its relationship with CTEC, it took the OPM’s retirement systems an average of 3 months to process an application – now CTEC’s unattended robots process 73,000 handwritten and digital applications per year, each within 2-3 days and provide the OPM manipulatable data insights and analytics  directly to their inbox. 
  • CTEC’s human-centered design approach integrated HCD and security validations into the Agile DevSecOps framework which resulted in 100% automated electronic delivery to customers throughout from 2018 to 2021
  • The Company’s success creating OPM’s online retirement application process led to further scope of work in program management. CTEC is now building systems to support online retirement services including a retirement application tracker and the ORA program management system


Cloud and Cybersecurity

Capability Overview
  • CTEC delivers cloud migration and modernization to federal agencies, leveraging its partners including AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google, Salesforce, and IBM to deliver the best possible solution to its customers
  • The Company brings together industry and government to deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective cybersecurity solution that protect critical infrastructure and missions essential to national security
  • The Company’s DevSecOps engineers implement cybersecurity measures throughout cloud migrations and in every aspect of its service offerings, providing secure solutions for HCDS and digital modernization 
  • CTEC’s cybersecurity offering covers all areas of a security breach including maintenance and recovery, creating a fully integrated service offering with numerous cross selling opportunities considering the significant technical debt of legacy systems across the government
  • CTEC’s 20+ year history of maintaining legacy systems provides the Company a point of entry with new agencies which frequently require legacy system maintenance considering the mission-critical nature of their work.  CTEC is then able to expand the size, scope, and complexity of its work,  leveraging its experienced DevSec Ops engineers and AgileDNA+® framework to deliver additional services including system architecture, data analytics, business intelligence, and cutting-edge applications
  • CTEC’s experience and tested AgileDNA+® framework allowed the Company to maximize automation, innovation, and cost efficiencies, creating cost synergies shared with its customers
  • The Company’s services are designed to align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, a set of industry standards designed to mitigate critical infrastructure cybersecurity risk. The NIST framework has been widely implemented by government agencies both domestic and foreign, providing a large growth opportunity with little need for CTEC to adapt its services to individual customers


CISA MDM - AI based Cybersecurity Analytics
  • In September 2021, CTEC won a Pool 1 Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide mis-dis-mal (MDM) information activities to the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) by leading the national effort to protect and enhance the resilience of physical and cyber infrastructure
  • CTEC’s service spans across five critical divisions: 
    • Cybersecurity Division
    • Emergency Communications Division 
    • Infrastructure Security Division 
    • Stakeholder Engagement Division 
    • National Risk Management Center  
  • The Company leverages its AI-powered predictive analytics platform to analyze historical targets reactions to cyber attacks in order to inform and build models capable of identifying emerging social media MDM activities. This work will allow CISA to develop risk mitigation materials tailored to the most at-risk targets based on CTEC’s strategic content optimized by analytics.
  • CTEC’s security engineers leverage its AgileDNA+® framework to develop operational, technical, and performance measures for a wide variety of agency initiatives including measuring the efficacy of CISA risk mitigation initiatives compared to its predictive model
  • The DHS requires CTEC to automate MDM narrative identification, analysis, and Potential for Impact (PFI) assessment using proven and scalable predictive modeling techniques.  The Company helps identify and provide solutions to target audiences and provides materials necessary to mitigate the risk of various breaches 
  • The DHS has awarded CTEC a one-year base period and four option years due to a history of stellar past performance within the DHS 


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