Federal Recruiting: Problems & Solutions White Paper

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Bridging Recruiting Gaps within the Federal Government


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Current federal recruitment practices are choking the federal workforce’s confidences, retarding agency performance, and betraying the public trust. 

Resource-poor agency business unit line managers are at the mercy of agency HR staffing units who unlawfully skip and join the federally coded and regulated down-selection recruitment processes allowing unqualified candidates to self-assess themselves as qualified and onto Certs.

Absent any professional assessment or competitive examination, agency automated hiring technologies embed, disguise and legitimize federal recruitment (mal)practices.  

This White Paper identifies the systemic flaws and proposes solutions - some of which include:  

  • Replacing or reconfiguring ATSs' to parallel law and policy.  
  • The creation of a Chief Recruitment Officer position in all agencies.
  • Hiring and training a new professional cadre of federal recruiters. 
  • Recommendations for the White House and Congress.

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