Government agencies now have access to skill-based assessment tools to help close the skills gap for technology roles, cutting the time-to-hire period from 6- 9 months down to a few weeks.

RESTON, VA, April. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Cybermedia Technologies (CTEC), a leader in providing human capital, cyber security and IT services, and federal hiring expertise to help government agencies fulfill their mission, today announced a partnership with HackerRank, a platform that ranks engineers based on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent faster.   

CTEC and HackerRank are working together to help solve one of the government’s most significant challenges today: Finding and assessing technical and cybersecurity talent quickly.

“Currently, government agencies rely on stagnant job boards and slow error-prone application and selection processes that often take up to six to nine months to fill one position,” says Adam Davidson, Vice President and Portfolio General Manager at CTEC. “Government agencies now have the opportunity to attract the interest of the nation’s best and cut their hiring time down to just weeks thanks to CTEC’s new partnership with HackerRank, an assessment platform that uses competitive gaming as its prime attraction strategy in the discovery of hard to find STEM talent and expertise.”  

HackerRank’s platform uses automated code challenges to assess engineering talent instead of using traditional recruiting methods, like manual job applications or resumes. Government agencies can now screen massive volumes of candidates quickly. Furthermore, CTEC helps federal agencies with a range of highly scalable, fully customized federal talent acquisition and training solutions compliant with federal hiring law, procedures and regulated down-selection protocols.

This news comes after a string of recent announcements from the White House, which call for bolstering the technology and data science teams in government agencies. Earlier this month, Maryland’s Representative Steny Hoyer, introduced a White House proposal to Congress, which would authorize an investment of $3.1 billion to replace federal legacy systems with more flexible, innovative systems. The existing systems are not only hard to maintain but also expensive and susceptible to cyber security threat. Last month, the president signed into law the the Competitive Services Act 2015, allowing any agency to hire qualified candidates from any other agency’s list of certified eligible qualified candidates into similar roles.  

As the government is ramping up its technology, cybersecurity and data science workforce, this partnership will help streamline the government’s hiring practices. The partnership will empower government agencies to use the same competitive innovations in tech recruiting as the private sector. Now, the federal government will have both the advantage of a streamlined, skill-based and automated hiring system, as well as the federal recruitment expertise and the ability to procure the HackerRank platform through CTEC’s 8(a) STARS II contract vehicle.

About Cybermedia Technologies Inc. (CTEC):

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About HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform that ranks engineers based solely on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent and save time to hire. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. Over 1,000 companies use HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

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